Silantes Products & Services (pdf, 0,7 Mb)

 In-vitro Synthesis
Ubiquitin by in-vitro synth. (pdf, 179 kb)
        In-vitro broschure (pdf, 346 kb)        

        Protein yield in Silantes OD2 media (pdf, 54 kb)
        Media Solution (pdf, 701 kb)
        Media Powder (pdf, 612 kb)
        Media Manual (pdf, 24 kb)

 Proteomics and Metabolomics
Lys(6)-SILAC-Mouse Diet (pdf, 515 kb)
         Lys(6)-SILAC-Fish Diet (pdf, 617 kb)
         Lys(6)-SILAC-Mouse Tissue (pdf, 358 kb)
        SILAC-Media (pdf, 393 kb)        


        Oligonucleotide Synthesis (pdf, 178 kb)
 NTPs,NMPs and Nucleosides
        NTP Flyer (pdf, 41 kb)
 Free Sample
        Free media sample / Fax-Reply (pdf, 24 kb)
        Questionnaire (pdf, 24 kb)


        European cooperation in the context of ITN




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