Silantes uses a new technology to produce biomolecules such as amino acids, nucleotides, peptides, proteins and DNA labeled with the stable isotopes 2H and 13C and 15N.

Silantes has a staff of highly skilled scientists from the fields of molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry and biotechnology who can provide flexible, intelligent and customer-oriented responses to the needs of science and industry.

Our vision is to broaden the applications for stable isotope labeled biomolecules. We offer innovative product developments and excellent product qualities at favorable prices, combined with a flexible, solution oriented service to our customers.

Silantes was founded in 1998 by a researcher from the German Max-Planck-Institute, who developed a new method for the production of stable isotope labeled biomolecules based on chemolithoautotrophic bacteria (patent pending).

This technology exploits the fact that chemolithoautotrophic bacteria can metabolise inorganic carbon in a pathway similar to that of green plants. Chemolithoautotrophic bacteria combine the advantage of green plants of being able to assimilate CO2 with the advantages of bacteria of being more productive and reliable as well as capable of expressing heterologous proteins.

The labeled chemolithoautotrophic bacteria cells are used as a factory to produce the stable isotope labeled biomolecules of choice. The technology provides an outstanding homogeneity of components labeled with stable isotopes, especially in the area of triple labeled (2H, 13C and 15N) biomolecules.

Silantes currently offers a wide variety of biomolecules labeled in any combination of the stable isotopes 2H, 13C and 15N:

- ribo-Nucleosidetriphosphates (rNTPs)
- desoxy-Nucleosidetriphosphates (dNTPs)
- Rich growth media for E. coli

- Rich growth media for yeast
- Amino Acids
- Bio-NMR standards (Ubiquitin)
- Mice feed for in vivo labelling
- 13C-Lys-specific labelled diet for SILAC
- 15N-uniform labelled diet for SILAM

Since our company has been in existence for over 10 years, the range of products available is constantly increasing. The following products are currently available on request:

- Carbohydrates
- Lipids
- labelled fly
- labelled mice
- labelled mice tissues

Silantes can also provide services tailored to individual customer needs:

- Oligonucleotide synthesis
- In-vitro synthesis of proteins
- Expression of stable isotope labeled proteins and peptides with our proprietary expression systems
- Fermentation service (E. coli)

Silantes scientists will be happy to assist you in finding optimal solutions for your stable isotope applications.


Silantes technology for in vivo enrichment of stable isotopes in biomolecules is vastly superior to established methods with respect to reliability, speed, quality, versatility and cost.
Silantes is a young dynamic company with a highly motivated and flexible team eager to assist customers in finding custom-made solutions.
Silantes offers a comprehensive range of services which are unique world-wide.

We look forward to discussing your special applications with you and assisting you in finding optimal solutions.