Exhibitions in 2019

Conferences where you can meet us (in 2019)


US Hupo

The US Hupo engages in scientific and educational activities to encourage the use of proteomics technologies and to disseminate knowledge pertaining to the human proteome and that of model organisms.

-> Washington (USA, DC) from March 3 - March 6, 2019. website: https://www.ushupo.org/


60th Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference (ENC)

-> Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove (USA, CA) from April 7 - April 12, 2019. website: https://www.enc-conference.org/


67th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics

The American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) was formed in 1969 to promote and disseminate knowledge of mass spectrometry and allied topics.

-> Atlanta, (USA, GA) from June 2 - June 6, 2019 website: https://www.asms.org/


15th Euromar is a subdivision of Groupement Ampere, that organizes annual meetings on the subject of magnetic resonance.

-> Berlin, (Germany) from August 25 - August 30, 2019 website: http://www.euromar.org/


19th International Conference on Biological Inorganic Chemistry

-> Interlaken, (Switzerland) from August 11 - August 16, 2018 website: http://www.icbic

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