Isotope labeled bacterial media

Growing microorganisms on isotopically labeled media is a convenient and effective way to label biomolecules with stable isotopes.

Silantes has developed media for in vivo enrichment of stable isotopes in E. coli and Yeast. Silantes OD-Media are rich growth media optimized to ensure reproducible growth rates, cell density and high yields of heterologous expressed protein.

Silantes Technology

Silantes OD-Media are made from bacterial hydrolysate and contain primarily amino acids, some low MW oligopeptides and almost no carbohydrates. The bacterial strain used is a chemolithoautotrophic organism which grows on inorganic substrates that are isotopically labeled. Due to this technology Silantes rich growth media are very competitively priced.

Free Media-Sample

To test Silantes OD media with your expression system you can obtain a free unlabeled media sample. Usually we send out 200 ml of unlabeled media for testing purposes. For your convenience we invite you to use this Fax-Reply (pdf, 24 kb) or the Silantes contact form for ordering of a media sample.

Added Value 

Comparing the expression yield of heterologous protein as well as the time saving factor, Silantes media are often more economical than glucose media.

Consistent results are guaranteed with Silantes OD-Media. These media yield preset optical densities for different E. coli strains. In contrast to conventional rich growth media, the growth characteristics and the obtained optical densities of Silantes OD-Media are very similar for labeled and unlabeled media.

Silantes OD-Media allow researchers to utilize given resources more economically by growing E. coli exactly to the required level. Silantes media provide greater flexibility and predictability. They significantly reduce the costs for expression of heterologous proteins in your laboratory.

We also supply OD10 Media (concentrate) including salt mix. This concentrate can be diluted to the desired concentration.

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