Isotope labeled nucleotides / nucleosides

Stable Isotope labeled Nucleosidetriphosphates

Structural studies on large DNA and RNA molecules by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) require labeling of these molecules with stable isotopes. Silantes offers a wide range of stable isotope labeled ribo- and deoxyribo-nucleosidetriphosphates (rNTP, dNTP) for the synthesis of oligonucleotides.

Silantes Technology

Silantes dNTPs and rNTPs are made from DNA and RNA purified from bacteria. The bacterial strain used is a chemolithoautotrophic organism which grows on isotopically labeled H2, O2 and CO2. The extracted RNA or DNA is enzymatically hydrolysed. The 5'-monophosphates are enzymatically phosphorylated into 5'-dNTPs and 5'-rNTP and purified by ion and reversed phase HPLC.

Added Value

Our new technology for in vivo enrichment of stable isotopes enables us to offer the ribo- and deoxyribo-nucleosidetriphosphates at very competitive prices.

Isotope Enrichment

Silantes NTPs can be supplied in any combination of 2H, 13C and 15N.
The isotopic purity for all isotopes is >98%.


The quality of dNTPs and rNTPs is tested with respect to chemical purity (>95%) and biological competence analysed by PCR. NTPs are available in solution (C = 100 mM in 5 mM TrisHCL, pH 7.5).


Silantes offers a full range of stable isotope labeled ribo- and deoxyribo-nucleoside-triphosphates:

·  with full biological competence
·  of >98% isotopic purity
·  of >95% chemical purity
·  at very competitive prices


"We are very happy with the 13C, 15N-labeled RNA nucleotides that we have obtained from Silantes. We consistently receive samples of high purity that afford high yields when used in in vitro transcription reactions in our lab. It is also significant that we have been able to receive relatively large amounts of labeled ribo-NTPs with minimal delays from the time that orders are placed to the time the samples arrive in our lab (typically less than 2-3 weeks)."
Michael F. Summers, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Chevy Chase, USA


"The 13C, 15N labeled NTPs provided by Silantes were of high quality and worked very well in our hands. I can strongly recommend to use the products by Silantes."
Prof. Harald Schwalbe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry, Cambridge, MA, USA


"We are really pleased by the quality of the SILANTES 13C, 15N-labeled rNTPs. At a very resonable price, they reproducibely give yields comparable to optimized in vitro transcription reactions using commercially available unlabeled rNTPs. No further purification needed! And equally important, SILANTES typically delivered with minimal delays even when we ordered larger quantities."
Mirko Hennig & James R. Williamson, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA